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It is not impossible to revitalize the skin and restore its radiance and beauty!

With adequate hydration, whitening, and collagen, your skin will look much younger!

DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule is a very popular ampoule from South Korea, which is called "Stewardess' Choice"!

Let’s talk about whether DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule is worth buying? How its12-day effective process!

Is DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule worth buying?

DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule is the flagship product of DocLab. As a flagship refill and repair Ampoule in Korea, DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule has an efficient refill and repair effect. It can reach the dermis layer and repair damaged skin quickly.

The new Doclab Hydro Renewal Ampoule is the latest K-Beauty secret of skin renewal and revitalization invention that is used by dermatologists in their aesthetic procedures to women’s concerns regarding wrinkles and loss of plumpness.

Adenosine is a unique anti-wrinkle solution that repairs skin wrinkles, loss of volume, elasticity tired and dull skin. Triple Hyaluronic Acids come with concentrated and high molecular weight to re-plump the skin both at the surface and in-depth.

The latest clinical proven anti-wrinkles active ingredients of Adenosine to help fill in wrinkles by firming skin from within. This ingredient boosts both the repairing effect of hydration booster and improves uneven skin pigmentation. It helps to repair the skin barrier and active skin renewal.

Main functions: deep moisturizing, improving and brightening skin, replenishing sufficient collagen, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, firming skin.


12 Days Miracle Experience

It’s first date with Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine by getting skin feels moisture

Triple Hyaluronic Acid kick in and your skin feels instantly firm and supply

Skin gets hydrated supply

Get pumped up with rich antioxidants

Lighten your pigmentation inside out

Brighten your skin complexion

Play a role similar to filer on the skin surface

Adenosine kick in to reduce the look of deep wrinkles

Adenosine helps to repair damaged cells by increasing cell count to create vibrant and young skin

DAY 10
Improving visible signs of Aging

DAY 11
Skin smoothness and improving the texture of firmness

DAY 12
Your skin is ready for the party. It’s re-hydrated. Recover and feel radiant


Experience and reviews from Naver Bloggers


"Since using the DocLab Triple Hyaluronic Acid Ampoulet, my skin no longer feels tight and dry all day."

doclab 高保湿修复三重玻尿酸安瓶



"The skin can quickly absorb the ampoule essence, moisturizing and whitening effects appear immediately after application. The mysterious DocLab ampoule that turns into a watery face."

"After using it for two weeks, my face is hydrated and shiny."




"I highly recommend the DocLab ampoule! Can't stop to use it!"

"It will not feel greasy after use, and the skin will be hydrated and instantly brightened!"




"I can see the reflection of love on my face without the light."




“The dermatologist recommends it. Trust it and use it safely!”

"It's non-sticky and absorbs quickly, perfect for pre-makeup and elevating the whole skin!"

"Mild ingredients do not irritate, suitable for sensitive skin!"




"Mix it with a skin cream before applying makeup, the makeup doesn't lift and looks more natural!"




"After using the DocLab ampoule, it feels good to look in the mirror every morning. The ampoule essence brightens my skin and makes me look great!"




"My face is like a male's skin, it's dry and rough, but with the DocLab triple hyaluronic acid amp, it's smooth and hydrated!"

"Even though I haven't used it for a few days, my skin is still in good condition and I'm looking forward to water and glowing skin!"


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