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In the last article, we shared the experience of Korean Naver bloggers after using DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule.

We also know that this highly moisturizing skin-repairing hyaluronic acid essence takes only 12 days to make our skin look its best! We have showed a step-by-step improvement process over a 12-day period.

Now let's talk about how to use the ampoule to utilise fully.

How to apply DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule


Pour the ampoule on hand


Apply on forehead, frown lines crow’s feet at the eye area, eye bag Gummy smiles and necklines


Tap it slowly and gently on your face area and neck


Press gently massage upwards from the neck until the chin


DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule Tips

Adding DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule to your skincare routine, whether before you go to work, on a date or any important occasion.

It can quickly wake up your skin and hydrate your skin, while helping your makeup look more compliant and long-lasting. 

Even, many beauty lovers find that adding a few drops of DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule to some foundations that feel clumpy will make the foundation silky.


Reviews from Malaysian KOL KOC

DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule


"After using DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule, I noticed that my skin became more elastic and the fine lines under my eyes were significantly reduced!

“Skin becomes super moisturized!"



“After trying product for 12 days. I applied every night before I sleep, I have noticed that my skin less oily now and also pores are less visible!”

“My face feel very hydrated!”


“It is very concentrated enough for the whole face as well as the neck!”

“After 12 days application, I can see the visible differences on my skin! It's not that dry anymore and more brighten!”

“It provides anti-aging benefit and actually reduce wrinkles,repair damaged cells,make my skin as a vibrant looks!”



“My lips are extremely sensitive and require sterols to control them, but the skin around my lips is very dry and chapped, so I often need lip balm to moisturize my skin.”

“With the DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule, it kept moisturizing for a full day and effectively improved the dry and chapped skin around my lips with no side effects!”



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