About Us – DocLab Korea

The Company

DocLab is committed in making dermatological skincare reachable to those who need it.

Partnering with field experts and dermatologists from the conceptualization stage to product development, we aim to offer effective, quality and safe products specially formulated for skin rejuvenation and repair.

We seek to deliver the simple-to-use solutions to address the needs of varying skin conditions.

Doclab's new Professional and Platinum series have clinically proven to help to reduce visible wrinkles, reduce pore appearance, uneven skin pigmentation and evening skin tone. They are the innovative product line aiming to change the field of dermatological skincare.


DocLab is founded with the mission of providing aesthetic clinic level of treatment accessible to users home. We aim to take one step ahead of the latest beauty trends to provide the most innovative products to everyone around the world.

We keep our standards high in regards of quality control of our products and have worked together with one of Korea's most renowned dermatologist, Dr. Kang Jeong Beom since the day of Hydro Renewal Ampoule's first development.