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No matter if it is the creation of new and innovative products or the mission to bring aesthetic beauty to everyone, DocLab is rising to be one of Malaysia's leading skincare brand.

New Version Is Here

In 2021, Spot Killer has proven that pigmentation is still one of women's most concerned skin issue. Now in 2024, The new version enhances spot lightening abilities while improving wrinkle improvement and moisture locking functions.

Platinum Series

Home MTS Therapy

The top-of-the-line product range of DocLab. Paired with the use of the dermaroller, acquire the benefits of luxury ingredients directly into your skin.

Highly Recommended

UV Light Sun Protector

sun protection + antioxidation + antiaging

Professional Series: Pidebenone Toner

hydration + antiaging + active ingredients

Premium Renewal Ampoule

hydration + antiaging + brightening

What Others Say


A Different Kind of Scrub

"...Dead skin has become less, the face has become more and more smooth, not as rough as before! More importantly, this product actually rubbed out all the places where I could not remove my makeup cleanly, which was a very obvious color of liquid foundation!"

- Jie Yi Liew


Regret Of Buying It Too Late

"...Bought the first ampoule one week ago, OMG regret of buying it too late...should have bought it when it first launched. Skin got smoother, white head has reduces, more hydrated. Buy again the Doclab spot killer used it for less than a week my melanin got lighter and skin look brighter....now still waiting for the doclab premium ampoule..."

- Pei Sim Choong


Waking Up To A Better Skin

"I would say the Premium & spot killer are really effective as I use it every day & night. After using the products for a week, I realized that my face is more hydrated and the dark spots faded too. And of course I did not forget to use the Cure Essence Scrub twice per week as an exfoliator to enhance the absorption of skincare products. After 2 weeks using DocLab, I realized that my freckles faded... I wake up every morning seeing how much my skin improve so I'd never be lazy to use their products!!

- Joyce