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Every woman wants to have smooth and translucent skin, but many times it backfires. There are only a few people who are born beautiful and have well-maintained skin.

In fact, good skin can be acquired through skincare, it can improve the skin condition, prevent aging, whiten and other effects.

When it comes to "skincare", there must be a bunch of bottles in everyone's mind.

And those tedious skincare steps!  

Owh!It makes you headache.  This is the biggest reason why most people are lazy about skincare! 

DocLab tells you, skincare can be very simple‼

Unexpectedly, it is also an aesthetic clinic level skincare


What is Cosmeceuticals?

“The so-called aesthetic clinic level skincare products are the top-level maintenance products condensed from biomedical-grade raw materials combined with the concept of professional beauty maintenance. 

These types of skin care products are often as effective as micro facelifts, while being as easy to use as regular skincare products.”

To put it simply, it is the skincare service you go to the beauty salon, but the package you signed is expensive, and you have to take time to visit the beauty salon regularly, which often costs more time and money.

The series of skin care products developed by DocLab are designed to allow people enjoy aesthetic clinic level skincare at home! 

The most important thing is ,It is only need a few steps to complete, very simple!


DocLab Specializes in Dermatological Skincare Products

The skincare products developed by DocLab are not common skincare products on the market. 

Their products are suitable for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. It is not recommended for severe acne-prone skin, please consult a specialist for advice.

Every bottle of skincare products developed by DocLab has been certified by Korea's rigorous KFDA test. KFDA is an authoritative testing agency qualified to issue skincare product ingredient analysis, human safety, and efficacy evaluation reports, and enjoys high credibility in South Korea.

In addition, DocLab's products are also specially designed for sensitive skin users, so each type of skincare product has undergone multi-dimensional testing and research on more than 2,000 women with sensitive skin to ensure the safety of skin care products.


6 DocLab Products That Make You Beautiful

After learning about DocLab, are you interested in its products?

Here are a few of the best-selling skincare products that most people generally need. 

DocLab skincare products show results within 12-24 days after use, which is one of the reasons why most people love it!

1.Hydro Renewal Ampoule


If you are a passenger who frequently flips through airplane magazines on the plane, you will definitely see DocLab's product news. 

DocLab is the brand of choice for many flight attendants! Especially this Hydro Renewal Ampoule is called the secret of stewardess!

The latest K-Beauty secret of skin renewal and revitalization invention that is used by dermatologists in their aesthetic procedures to women’s concerns regarding wrinkles and loss of plumpness. 

This highly moisturizing skin-repairing hyaluronic acid essence takes only 12 days to make the skin look its best! That is why the flight attendants love to use it!

The main functions:

✅TRIPLE HA - Deeply moisturizes your skin after use

✅Adenosine, Nicotinamide- Improves and brightens skin for a radiant glow

✅Get plenty of collagen- Hydrated and plump skin

✅Fade wrinkles and fine lines- Tighten skin and restore skin elasticity


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2.Cure Essence Scrub


After washing your face,befor you use skincare products and masks, you must use use "Cure Essence Scrub" to exfoliate and cleanse.

It is because, with the increase of age, or when you are stressed, work OT, eat unhealthy, etc., the stratum corneum that should be peeled off on our face will not fall off, which will block the pores and cause problems, such as whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. It will also cause dull, rough and uneven skin tone.

So exfoliation is really important! DocLab's Cure Essence Scrub has the gentlest way to cleanse and exfoliate, it grinds your face in a gel form, it doesn't contain rough particles or grit, so it won't cause damage or redness to your skin.

The main functions:

✅Gel grinding- Effectively remove dead skin, skin impurities, clogged pores

✅Enhance skin moisture- Protects skin from external irritation

✅Aloe, Broccoli, and Bioflavonoid Complex - Help to rejuvenate tired skin due to external factors and damage.

✅Reduces Acne, Blackhead, Skin Flaking- Smooths skin texture

✅Better Absorption and maintain - Helps to better absorb skincare products and also makes makeup last longer


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3.DocLab Spot Killer


Whiten skin ,lighten spots which can make the skin more translucent and clean, and the overall look will be more girlish!

The ingredients of DocLab Spot Killer are mild and non-irritating, it helps us whitening and lightening without harming our skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

And this Spot Killer is affordable and effective, so it's very popular!

The main functions:

✅Increase collagen productivity- make skin firmer and not easy to age

✅Rich in vitamin C derivatives- reduce and fade fine lines and wrinkles, whitening effect

✅ Fights and inhibits melanin- protection from the sun's UV rays,lighten pigmentation

✅Deeply hydrating and moisturizing- makes skin plump and shiny


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4.UV Light Sun Protector


Nowadays, everyone is looking for a convenient and fast way to go out. 

DocLab's sunscreen + moisturizing + isolation + tone up skincare products really save time and make it easily!

The main functions:

✅The highest index SPF50++++ - effectively isolates UV rays indoors and in sunlight

✅Brighten skin- soothing, healing skin, effective anti-aging

✅Light texture- not sticky, not clogged pores, not stuffy

✅Whitening and moisturizing - sun protection + skincare  All in 1

✅Mild ingredients - suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women


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5.Premium Hydro Renewal 



Large pores? Speckled? Dull?

Fine lines appear? Frequent acne? Dry and peeling?

Are these questions appearing on your face?

Nowadays, most people like to stay up late to work, study, and frequently face electronic products, computers, etc.

Our  face is exposed to screen radiation for a longer time,if you don’t do sun protection, these problems will appear on your face more or less !

Premium Hydro Renewal is called the holy grail of dermatology, it integrates anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing and whitening. 

A simple bottle of skincare products can improve the condition of your skin very well!

The main functions:

✅Deep moisturizing- moisturize for up to 12 hours

✅Protection from the sun's UV rays- anti-aging, antioxidant

✅Reduce wrinkles, sagging - lifts the skin and shrinks pores

✅Brighten skin - achieve whitening effect

✅Effective within 30 days - skin is plumper and brighter after use


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6.Pidebenone Toner



After cleansing, the moisture content of the skin will be reduced, if you don't use toner to moisturize immediately, the moisturizing effect will be greatly weakened.

So please use DocLab high concentration ampoule toner to instantly replenish moisture and make your skin healthier!

It can enhance skin barrier and cell regeneration, a high-performance toner containing premium ingredients of salmon testis extract (PDRN) and various natural moisturizing factors.

✅Cell regeneration- regenerates skin cells by producing collagen and repairs damaged areas

✅Extra hydration - 5 times hyaluronic acid for stronger moisturizing effect

✅Anti-aging, Antioxidant - 4 times stronger than vitamin C, it can inhibit inflammation, DNA damage, UV protection, reduce pigmentation, etc.

✅Dual function-contains niacinamide and adenosine for whitening, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.


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The above DocLab products are introduced according to skincare needs.

Use DocLab for personal skincare and see improvement in skin texture within a month‼

Sensitive skin ? Worry about the product poor quality? 

DocLab has not received any complaints of skin allergies in Korea or other countries since it has been in operation for many years,

So it is completely safe to use!


For more product information, please visit DocLab official website:https://www.doclabkr.com/