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"If you don't use sunscreen, you will look ten years older!" This is not to lie to you!

Use hundreds or thousands of skincare products on your face every day, but neglect sunscreen?

The more you take care of your skin, the less effective it will be!


Use a bunch of brand-name skincare products  but look older than you actually are? !


I often hear people say that those products are expensive but not effective! 

Ask her what is the reason?.

 "I followed what the sales girl taught me, cleansing, moisturizing, facial mask, night cream, morning cream, I applied them all. I used them for several months, and I spent a lot of money! But I haven't seen any change at all…"

"My husband also said it was useless even i used it!"

Hearing this is really irritating and heart-wrenching. After all, a lot of money is spent on these bottles and jars.

I waited patiently for a month or two, thinking that it would take some time to see the effect, but it never happened. All the money are wasted!


"Hey, you said you used these skin care products, um..you look more mature"

Isn't that counterproductive? Who gets older with skincare? 

It's time to rethink your skincare routine!

I tried to ask most people, how do you do your skincare?

It turns out that everyone has missed the last important step! !


Skincare without sun protection, skin aging fast!


In fact, the most correct daytime skin care steps are:

Cleansing>Exfoliating>Toner>Mask (not necessarily needed every day)>Essence>Sunscreen

Yes, the last step in skincare is sun protection, and this is the only way of skincare!

Many people ignore the importance of sun protection and think that sun protection is only necessary during the day and in the sun.

But in fact, sunscreen is not only the sun, but the ultraviolet rays in the sun, it is the culprit of all skin problems!

So don't ignore the importance of sunscreen, and don't be lazy to do sunscreen!


Sunscreen isn't just about tanning


Compared to tanning, sun exposure can also accelerate aging or cause skin diseases. 

Some people think that sunscreen is women's business, and some people think that sunscreen is just to prevent sunburn, and even if you apply it casually, you have achieved sunscreen.

But in fact, the extremely penetrating ultraviolet rays are aimed at everyone, and the damage caused by it may even cause cancer.

If you do not pay attention to sun protection, it may even cause skin tumors in severe cases, such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and skin melanin.

There are concerns that sun protection can lead to inadequate vitamin D absorption. In fact, exposing your hands and feet to the sun for 10-15 minutes a day can produce enough vitamin D, while overexposure is not beneficial.

Therefore, sun protection not only determines whether a person looks good, but also determines the skin condition.

Good sun protection can make you look younger than you are, and more girlish!


The 5 most practical sun protection skills

1.Go out at the right time


Sunshine time, from 10:00 to 16:00 every day, is the strongest stage of ultraviolet rays. Try to avoid activities or physical exercise outdoors for more than 1 to 2 hours during this stage.

Please take sun protection measures, such as applying sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, sun protection clothing before you go out.


2.Focus on SPF and PA


International indicators for sunscreen protection against UVB and UVA - SPF and PA.

UVB and UVA are the medium and long waves of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, respectively. UVB causes us to get red and sunburned, while UVA is the culprit behind tanning, sunburn, and photoaging.

SPF refers to the sunscreen effect on UVB. The higher the SPF index, the greater the protection ability of the skin.

PA is the protective effect of UVA. The more + signs behind PA, the greater the PA value, and the better the sunscreen effect.


3.Moisturize before applying sunscreen


Before applying sunscreen, wash your face and do skincare, remember to moisturize before applying sunscreen to increase skin moisture and promote skin repair.


4.Not too little


Sunscreen needs to be carefully rubbed and applied to the face.Applying directly is easy to cause pore blockage. If the amount is too small, it can also affect the effectiveness of sun protection.


5.Use DocLab UV Light Sun Protector

DocLab sunscreen has the highest sun protection factor SPF50++++, can resist UVA & UVB, effectively isolate UV rays in indoor and sunlight. 

The texture is light and thin, it does not feel sticky and stuffy after application, and it does not clog pores. 

DocLab UV Light Sun Protector is not only a sunscreen, but also a good skin care. 

It contains the above required moisturizing and soothing, which can effectively moisturize and heal the skin, and has the effect of anti-aging and lightening of wrinkles. 

In addition, it also whitens and brightens the skin, and works great as a tone-up cream and pre-makeup primer!

DocLab UV Light Sun Protector‘s ingredients are mild and non-irritating, and have passed the test of more than 2000 kinds of sensitive muscles. It is suitable for any skin, sensitive muscles and pregnant women.


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Remember! Want to do beauty of frozen age, besides necessary of skincare, please don’t ignore the importance of sun protection!

If you have do sun protection, your skin will not be dark or aging too fast, your skin will not be dry and will not lose elasticity too, so you will not grow fine lines! 

This is a series of effects, so from the most fundamental put an end to, can protect our skin in good condition!


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