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Here's a question for you, after cleaning your face, what do you do first?

Go straight to your skincare products? No!

The pores on the face have not been opened, and the effect of using skin care products will be greatly reduced!

Therefore, please "exfoliate" before moisturizing and applying mask.

Exfoliating is to remove dead skin from your face, fully open the pores and allow your mask/skin care essence to be fully absorbed into your face.

 doclab cure essence scrub

But exfoliating is not done every day, it is done regularly.

Our facial skin is fragile, and frequent exfoliation can take a toll.

Although sensitive skin is fragile, it will also have the accumulation of old waste horniness, which hinders the absorption of skin care products. Therefore, sensitive skin should be exfoliated regularly.

DocLab recommends using a gentle exfoliator for all skin types, and paying attention to how and how often you exfoliate, so that it doesn't damage your skin.

Why we need to exfoliate?


Now, many men and women know the importance of exfoliating and do it in their daily lives.

The surface of the skin will be metabolized every week, and too much old waste horniness will accumulate on the skin and cause skin burden, so we need to exfoliate the skin to breathe again.

Now our exposure to the external environment is getting worse. Unbalanced diet, abnormal work and rest, staying up late, smoking, drinking, emotions and other factors often slow down the metabolic rate.

The abnormal metabolism makes the keratinocytes unable to fall off naturally and accumulate thickly. on the surface.

The stratum corneum that cannot be peeled off normally will cause the skin to be rough and dull, and the skin care products applied are often blocked by this too thick barrier and cannot be absorbed by the living cells below.

Besides that, it will block the pores and cause problems, such as whiteheads, blackheads, and acne.

So that's why we need to exfoliate.


The gentlest way to cleanse and exfoliate——DocLab Cure Essence Scrub

Cure Essence Scrub specializes in removing dead skin cells and clears impurities at the gentlest level possible while giving a natural healthy glow.
Designed in gel form, it does not include any harsh particles or sandy that damage the skin barrier causing breakout, redness, and increased skin sensitivity.


The softest way to physically clean and exfoliate our skin. Perfect for any skin type with rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, acne, and even clears clogged pores.

Its main ingredient Aloe, Broccoli, and Bioflavonoid Complex help to rejuvenate tired skin due to external factors and damage. In additional, it creates clean and hydrated soft skin. Strengthens skin barrier to maintain moisture and protects skin from external stimuli.

With a good exfoliation, we can reduce acne, blackheads, flaking and other problems on the face, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth, which can absorb skincare products better and make the makeup last longer.


Well-received tests from Naver bloggers


"My skin is very, very sensitive and if I use the wrong product ,it will instantly turn red. Even mild ingredients sometimes get red spots. But DocLab exfoliating gel is completely rash-free and gentle!"

 doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"It's a gentle gel, but it's great for exfoliating! Dead skin immediately appears as a moisturizing, gentle, non-damaging exfoliating essence gel!"

doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"The texture is moist, exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time, so if you try it, you'll probably say that it's the best product you've ever used!"

 doclab 去角质精华凝胶


"Very moisturizing, can gently remove dead skin on the face!"

"Not Irritating and sensitivity!"

 doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"For the first time with a moist exfoliator, exfoliate after washing your face and you won't feel tight or lack of moisture even if you don't use any skincare!

doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"I highly recommend this exfoliating essence gel, it's super moisturizing and gentle and doesn't hurt your skin!"

doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"It doesn't itch or dry after use!"

"I just used it for a while, and my skin looks moist and shiny!"

doclab 去角质精华凝胶



"Compared to my cheeks and corners of my mouth, I can feel the difference and moisturize my skin!"

 doclab 去角质精华凝胶


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